Ahoy Me Hearties!  Welcome aboard Dragonheart, a 63ft Pinisi sail boat, settin' sail for Koh Phi Phi and the surroundin' islands and inlets.

Avast, DragonHearrrrrrt features Daily Cruises as well as e'enin' Sunset Cruises, Savvy?
DragonHeart Thailand

Arrghh, DragonHearrrrrrt crew will treat ye t' traditional Thailand hospitality, authentic Thai food, an' our own swabbiealized service on our fully buccanneered boat

Thar be plenty o' opportunities t' snorkel in th' clear blue waters off o' th' shores o' these exclusive beaches accessible only t' boat.
Arrghh, an abundance o' marine life thar be, makes these some o' th' best waters fer snorkelin' in Thailand

Relax, read, an' sunbathe on our spacious deck, wi' plenty o' room t' sit in th' sun or under our large canopy an' enjoy a cool drink an' authentic Thai food cooked onboard by our chef. Snack on fresh fruit while ye listen t' our chilled ou' boat tunes as we circle Phi Phi Don an' Phi Phi Leh, watch th' sun set from Maya Bay, made famous by th' film "Th' Beach"

Maya Bay Sunset   Phi Phi Island

Avast, DragonHearrrrrrt is also a'ailable for pri'ate charters, di'e trips, and is the perfect location for weddin's and special e'ents
Arrghhh, Journeys t' Phuket, Koh Lanta, Koh Yao, and Koh Lipe can be arranged
Aye, me parrot concurs.

Spy our journeys page for itineraries, or gallery for more pictures and videos, or contact us for more information..... Garrrrrr

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